Zara’s House – The Team


Refugees and Partners Logo

Refugees and Partners is a TEAM of friends.

They are passionate about helping refugees

particularly the women

to settle into their new homes in Australia.

Most members of the team are women

with families of their own.

They know the challenges of parenting in society today

and understand the systems

that are part of life in the technological world of today.

They are familiar with the main features of the local area 

schools, shops, doctors, churches, mosques,

playgrounds, parks, beaches, lakes and transport services. 

What a gift to fearful newcomers

to  share their anxieties with a kindly ear

and learn the Aussie assurance “no worries”.

Added to domestic practicalities

Some Zara’s partners have outstanding handcraft skills.

Many have entrepreneurial experience.

Some have ability in marketing.

         Others have skill with on-line shopping and telemarketing.

         Whatever their gift or experience

            our team is committed to empowering refugee women

living in the local area helping them

to feel at home and celebrate

the richness of  cultural diversity among us

in our part of Australia

and beyond.