Newcastle’s success in settling refugees has been achieved by the interaction, communication, cooperation and networking of all organisations involved in the settlement process. The “secret ingredient” which enables this to happen is the leadership and example of local council and the interest and professionalism of regional media. These factors encourage the openness and hospitality of the community to “the strangers”  who seek a safe home among us. They help to allay fear and encourage social inclusion by participation in educational and civic events – our experience of disasters such as the earthquake in 1989 and the massive flood events in 2010 giving us an insight to the trauma and upheaval of families who have lost everything through injustice of war. This is evidenced in the recent radio coverage by the ABC journalist and the followup article on the ABC website.

Newcastle praised for preparedness for resettling Syrian refugees – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Newcastle praised for preparedness for resettling Syrian refugees


The state’s refugee resettlement boss has praised Newcastle’s preparedness, ahead of the arrival of more Syrian refugees.