The Executive

Refugees and Partners Logo  OUR EXECUTIVE

President: Ellen Vonleah M. P. H.

  Vice President: Emeka Onua M. B. A

Joint Secretary: Jane Gilchrist

                                        Joint Secretary: Mahomed Massaquoi M.

                                                                                Joint Treasurer: Sylvia Gray HNE Health                                

                                           Joint Treasurer: Rochelle England

                                                  Public Officer: Andrew Spannenberg 


                                    R&P Executive meet at Zara’s House on the second Monday of the month

              Refugees and Partners Logo from 5.00pm to 6.30pm.

               All members are welcome to attend.

Refugees and Partners will hold four general meetings during the year to identify and celebrate

their experience of partnership and belonging in the group. We will identify issues of concern and

explore ways of providing support for each other through educational and social opportunities and   

be  ……………..                                   IN IT TOGETHER