hymc-5 The Hunter Youth Mentoring Collaborative (HYMC) is a Not For Profit organisation that provides support and resources for small local groups involved in guiding and mentoring youth in the Hunter area.
The HYMC works to develop, educate, promote and facilitate a strong network for Hunter groups involved in all aspects of youth development. It advocates the benefits of mentoring to the wider community. It provides educational opportunities for its members through mentor training sessions, guest speakers at regular meetings and an annual forum to focus on some issue relevant to support of young people in the ever-changing society of our times. hymc-4

It invites local business involvement to sponsor educational scholarships for young people at school, TAFE or University.  Many refugee students, evidencing effort and commitment to  learning, have received a HYMC scholarship which has boosted confidence, enabled them to access services and resources for learning and progress achievement of life goals. R&P  recognises the benefits of participation in this organisation


  These young people were recipients of a HYMC Scholarship in 2015-2016.  

We congratulate them on their effort.    

   We hope that they will continue on the path of lifelong learning  

         and know success having benefitted from the opportunities it enabled.