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Refugees and Partners – ABOUT US

‘Refugees and Partners’ cares about
refugees and asylum seekers
and helps those seeking safety in Australia
or in other world countries.
It is a not-for-profit organization
that is about collaboration  with caring citizens
to involve refugees in social and vocational
activities at Zara’s House, Jesmond.

The members run programs to help particpants

to make friends,  share culture and skills 

in a safe and welcoming environment.  

Refugees become familiar with the local area

of Newcastle, NSW, Australia. 

They discover and access the services and opportunities

   within the Australian community.

Refugees and Partners at the opening of Zara's House 26 June 2016

Members of ‘Refugees and Partners’ at the opening of Zara’s House 26 June 2016


Refugees and Partners’ work TOGETHER

at Zara’s House Newcastle

  to connect  refugees with 

the people, culture and services

in the  Australian community

Another day Another culture. Sister Diana welcomes one of Odays' family from Iraq.

Sister Diana from ‘Refugees and Partners’ welcomes Oday’s family newly arrived from Iraq. Another day. Another “culture”.


Refugees and Partners’ is about being a welcoming and inclusive organization.

The partners at Zara’s House offer friendship and share  skills in handcraft, cooking and technology.

Some partners help to organise social events, communication and cultural  exchange between refugees and the people in the Hunter region.

Our partners  know about issues affecting relationships between refugees and the community – e.g. racism, islam-a-phobia, home ownership, jobs, drugs and alcohol, domestic violence, women’s dignity, care of children and cultural difference.

They get involved in advocacy for justice and  human rights by joining in community celebrations and online petitions.

Members of ‘Refugees and Partners’ organise and participate in social activities, vocational programs, cultural workshops and religious gatherings.

Some partners engage in personal and group advocacy such as the Unity and Diversity event below.


Other partners get involved with local and national media. They use technology and social media.

Our members encourage care  for all creation, personal integrity  and commitment to the mission and vision of the organisation.


The strength behind the Zara's House Enterprises Zhara with Ellen, Cathie, Jo, Marilyn and Sister Diana

The strength behind the Zara’s House Refugee Women’s Enterprises  –  Zahra with Ellen, Cathie, Jo, Marilyn and Sister Diana from ‘Refugees and Partners